Chavara School, Kondagaon, is open for boys and girls from Nursery to Class XII and provides a caring, friendly, well-structured educational environment. The medium of instruction is English. Exposure and not just study materials define learning at the Chavara School. The school provides broad exposure to hands-on projects, sports, culture, literature, excursions, computers and community service.

An apt teacher-student ratio ensures individual care and attention. The learning process supports the child's natural development, with the teachers serving less as an 'instructor' and more as a guide or facilitator. The school has ergonomically designed furniture to support a child's posture for sitting through 14 years of school life. Independent Locker Facility / Pigeon Hole for each child in the classroom helps the children to lighten the burden of the satchel.

The curriculum provides the essential academic, social and physical skills the child needs to face challenges in the modern world. The Chavara School curriculum concerns itself with the overall development of the child. While encouraging positive individual characteristics, it promotes student responsibility, cooperation, creativity and respect for individuality. As a result, Chavara School students not only have high academic standards but high behavioural standards as well. This holistic approach to education makes Chavara School stand out as a pioneer in making learning an enriching experience.



Chavara School Kondagaon is affiliated with the CBSE which is the largest Educational Board in India. Affiliation Number is 3330174



When your child's teacher is his best friend, his teammate and a child at heart, he looks forward to going to school every day. Teachers stimulate the children to think for themselves, ask questions and develop new ideas. They stand by them in their difficulties, walk beside them every day and constantly encourage them to put forth their views. Chavara School teachers take their jobs very seriously. They ensure that their teaching is effective and want the classroom to be a happy, secure place where children develop a love for books and school. Pre-primary and Primary classes use the play-way approach in teaching. Teachers use flashcards, worksheets and even projects to develop the child's learning process creatively and holistically. Workshops are held regularly by various experienced and renowned resource persons for upgrading and empowering the teachers with the latest changes and methodologies in pedagogy. Not only is learning more enjoyable, but it is also more effective. All children do not have the same grasping or retentive power. Thus, our methods cater to all types of learning. Our faculty is well qualified and well experienced. Chavara School Society conducts interviews before an appointment. Chavara School Kondagaon also has a well-qualified and experienced Counsellor for handling children with special needs who require counselling.

Teachers List 2023-2024
S. No. Name of Teachers Fathers/Husband Name  Date of Joining Date of Birth  Qualification Desig.
1 Sr. Cicilia Late. P.P. Joseph 12/06/2023 24/03/1974 M.A, MSc, B.ed, PH.D Pursuing Principal
2 Sr. Shantani Mr. Ouseph Thomas 16/06/2017 16-06-1962 M.A, B.Ed. Vice Principal
3 Sr. Bigi Kuriakose  Mr. Kuriakose  20/06/2022 03/04/1980 M.A. English, B.Ed.  P.R.T. 
4 Mr. Ramprasad Sharma Mr. Dhanpat Sharma  01/08/2000 07/09/1971 M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed P.G.T
5 Mr. Laxmikant Naidu Late. K.S.N. Murty  01/11/2000 05/10/1971 M.Sc. (phy) + BED P.G.T
6 Mr. Amit Chakraborty Mr. Subrat Chakraborty  01/07/2011  24-12-1983 MCA + PGDCA+ AIT+ B.Ed P.G.T
7 Mr. Dhermendra Yadu Mr. S.L. Yadu 01/07/1997 27/05/1966 B.A(B.F.A) T.G.T
8 Mr. Swapan Mukherjee Mr. B. Mukherjee 01/07/1998 01/08/1971 B.P.E.D. National refree,  FIFA Football Coach P.E.T
9 Mr. Hitendra Singh Thakur Mr. Naipal Singh Thakur  01/07/2011 28/06/1988 M.Sc Chemistry & B.ED P.G.T
10 Mr. Bhavesh Patel Chhagan Bhai Patel  23/01/2019 02/07/1986 B.Com and CA Final (M.Com Persuing) P.G.T
11 Mr. Anup Agrawal  Vijay Agrawal  05.06.2021 23.06.1988 B.E. Mechanical  P.G.T
12 Mr. Lalit Kumar Jhode Mr. G.M. Jhode  01/07/2011 05/10/1972 B.Sc. M.Sc. B.ED T.G.T
13 Mr. Naresh Ekka Mr. Benedick Ekka  01/07/2011 11/02/1971 M.A B.LIB  LIB
14 Mr. Lav Narayan Pandey Mr. Ram Shankar Pandey  01/07/2014 29/01/1991 M.Sc.(IT). Biotech DCA P.R.T
15 Mrs. Anshumati Pandey Mr. Sudheer Pandey  01/07/1997 11/03/1963 B.Sc. M.A (Hindi) LL.B P.G.T
16 Mrs. Kiran Kumar Mr. Dipesh Kumar  01/07/2012 19/04/1974 B.Sc. (Bio), M.A (Eng), Honour's Diploma in System in System Management from (NIIT), B.Ed. P.G.T
17 Mrs. Meenakshi Panighrahi  Mr. Tarun Panigrahi  01/06/2012 14/02/1982 MSc (Botany) B.ED P.G.T
18 Mrs. Rashmi Shukla Mr. Dinesh Shukla  01/07/1998 02/09/1972 B.A, M.A, B.ED T.G.T
19 Miss. Seema Chandran Late. K.C. Chandran  01/07/2008 16/12/1985 B.A, M.A (English) (Geography)/ D.L.E.D T.G.T
20 Miss Mitali Chakravarty Mr. Jagnnath Chakrawarty 01/07/2013 15/01/1991 B.Sc. (Biology), Pursuing M.Sc (Zoology)/ D.L.E.D T.G.T
21 Mrs. Divya Sakuja Ankush Sakhuja  01/07/2013 30/09/1985 MCA, M.A (Eng) PH.D Pursuing T.G.T
22 Mr. Saket Sahu  Mr. Mahendra Kumar Sahu  11/09/2021 30/01/1998 M.COM  T.G.T.
23 Mr. Bhavesh Dixit  Mr. Purushottam Dixit  22/11/2021 01/09/1997 UG. P.G. B.Ed.  T.G.T.
24 Mr. Shrinivas Reddy  Mr. Ram Reddy  01/12/2021 06/04/1972 B.A. M.A ENG, D.L.E.D,  T.G.T.
25 Miss. Khushboo Dewangan Mr. Rajendra Kumar Dewanagan  01/07/2022 26/06/1994 B.Sc. , Bed.  T.G.T
26 Sr. Phirsheela Kujur  Mr. Yakub Kujur  ####### 07/01/1985 MA., B.Ed.  P.R.T
27 Mrs. Mandeep Kaur Mr. Harmohan Singh Kohli  01/07/2010 27/12/1985 B.Sc. (Bio), M.A (Eng), B.Ed PGDCA P.R.T
28 Mrs. Padmshree Naidu Mr. K. Laxmikant Naidu 01/08/2012 27/10/1976 M.Com, B.ED. M.A (Sanskrit) P.R.T
29 Mrs. Renu Sharma Mr. Deepak Sharma  01/07/2013 28/09/1975 M.Com, B.ED, M.A (Eng) Tally Diploma Computer P.R.T
30 Mrs. Anjelena Samuel Mr. Vipin Samuel  01/07/2013 11/04/1977 B.A, M.A, Hindi BED P.R.T
31 Mrs. Padmashree Swami Mr. Mukesh Swami  01/07/2014 09/09/1982 M.A. - Hindi, B.ED, Sociology, B.J.M.C, PGDCA P.R.T
32 Mrs. Princy Joseph  Mr. Ajeet Joseph 01/07/2015 30/05/1983 B.A/ D.L.E.D P.R.T
33 Mrs. Mithilesh Tiwari Mr. Aakash Tiwari 07/01/2015 10/10/1978 M.A. Final Geogrophy, B.Ed. B.A P.R.T
34 Mrs. Chhaya Mukherjee Mr. Swapan Mukherjee 01/07/2005 07/02/1981 B.A/ D.L.E.D P.R.T
35 Mrs. Archana Dixit Mr. P.N. Chaturvedi  18/06/2016 24/11/1982 MSc. (Biote) Bed P.R.T
36 Mrs. Kajal Ansari Mr. Rashid Quraishi  20/06/2016 20/02/1976 M.A (Dance) P.R.T
37 Mrs. Nitisha Bhadouria Mr. Hirdesh Bhadouriya 01/07/2016 16/09/1982 B.Sc. M.A. English, PGDCA, D.L.E.D P.R.T
38 Mrs. Divya Raj Mr. T.A Vijay Raj 08/01/2016 01/12/1985 B.Com, B.Ed P.R.T
39 Mrs. Santoshi Rathore  Late. Sharad Singh Rathore 16/06/2017 05/02/1979 B.A., B.Ed., PGDCA PRT
40 Miss. Monika Patel Lakhan Lal Patel  16/06/2017 23/03/1986 M.A. Sanskrit, M.A. Sociology, M.A. Hindi, P.G. Diploma in yogig science, B.Ed., PRT
41 Mrs. Tripti Singh  Mr. K.K. Singh  01/07/2013 28/10/1982 B.A (Arts) B.ED, PGDCA, M.A (Pursuing) P.R.T
42 Mrs. Nutan Mishra  Mr. Nipendra Mishra  05/04/2018 26/12/1984 M.A. (Arts), B.Ed., PGDCA P.R.T
43 Miss. Bhavana Verma  Late. M.A. Verma 01/07/2019 20-10-1985 B.Ed., M.A. Eng/Hindi PRT
44 Mr. Piyush Dua  Mr. Pawan Dua 22/11/2021 17/10/1998 B.Sc., M.Sc. B.Ed. P.R.T. 
45 Mr. Nitesh Ekka Mr. Samuel Ekka 15/11/2021 06/05/1994 B.A., B.P.Ed. P.R.T. 
46 Miss. Rupa David  Mr. David Raju  13/06/2022 21/09/1985 B.A, M.A Political Science , B.ed P.R.T. 
47 Mrs. Nancy Minj  Mr. Xavier Minj  16/06/2022 07/10/1990 M.A. B.Ed. , DCA  P.R.T
48 Mrs. Jisha Cherian Mr. T.C. Cherian  07/01/2013 20-03-1987 12th, DCA NTT
49 Miss. Samikchha Surujal  Mr. Surendra Surujal  20/06/2016 08/02/1996 B.A., M.A Pursuing, DCA, D.L.E.D.+ B.Ed NTT
50 Mrs. Mehar Nigar Mr. Syed Abdul Hadi Rizvi  05/07/2019 12/11/1972 M.A Hindi, D.L.E.D NTT
51 Mrs. Kalyani Shrivas Mr. Sunil Kumar Shrivas  05/07/2019 18/12/1985 B.A, M.A. Hindi, PGDCA, Blib, D.L.E.D., B.Ed. Pursuing NTT
52 Mrs. Kunti Sahu  Mr. Ashok Kumar Sahu  07/01/2022 10/12/1984 B.A, M.A Hindi, B.L.I.S, D.ed. B.Ed. TET NTT
53 Mrs. Uma Devi Panganti  Mr. Rammurthi Panganti 01/07/2021 24/07/1978 B.A, DCA,  PRT
54 Miss. Jyoti David Mr. David Raju  16/06/2006 29/05/1983 B.Sc. , MA., PGDCA/ D.L.E.D ACCOUNTANT
55 Mrs. Pooja Surujal  Mr. Surendra Surujal  01/07/2013 01/11/1994 B.Sc./ DCA  Deploma Computer/ DL.L.E.D Comp. Operter (Clerck)
56 Mrs. Harsha Sen  Late. Mr.  Mani Sen  02/03/2017 23/06/1994 B.A., DCA/ D.L.E.D/ M.A. Hindi M.A. Socology Comp. Operter (Clerck)
57 Mr. Deepak Kumar Pamhar  Mr. Brij Lal Pamhar  04/11/2019 21/06/1996  Diploma in Mech. Engg. DCA, Tally with GST application Lab Assittent 
58 Mrs. Jasleen Kaur          
59 Mr. Ankit Singh           
60 Mrs. Vijaya Laxmi Khan           
61 Raksha Jain