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  • We are make a better future of children

General Rule

For Students :

  • All students must be acquainted with the rules notified for their conduct while studying in this school. Ignorance of the rules will not be an excuse.
  • Students must be in the school at least fifteen minutes before each school session. They must sit inside the class room and prepare their lessons in silence, under the supervision of the class leader. They are not allowed to play or roam about the school premises in the morning before the school hours. Once entered the main gate students should stand still until the prayer and national anthem are over. At the end of the class they must disperse in line after thanks giving prayer, under the supervision of the concerned teachers.
  • The school uniform is compulsory to be worn daily.
  • Students should speak English in the class room as well as in school campus. Violation of this may lead to punishment
  • Order and silence are to be strictly  observed  during class hours and also while going to and coming  back from the  playground.
  • No obscene books or picture Magazines or periodicals other than text books and library books shall be brought to the school.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed either in the school or in the school premises. Violation of this rule will lead to one week suspension
  • Valuable ornaments and jewellery are not allowed in the school. The school will not be responsible for the lost articles. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.
  • No collection by the students should be made for any purpose whatsoever  without the permission of the principal.
  • Any damage done to the school building and property must be compensated. The decision of the principal, regarding the amount, will be final. 
  • Shouting, whistling, running about inside the school building, writing on the walls, making marks on furniture, playing with chalk sticks, throwing things at one another, sitting on the desk or on teacher’s chair are to be avoided..
  • Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, neatness in person, hairstyle and dress, and punctuality are required at all times. They should remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
  • During the absence of the teacher the class leader will be responsible for the order and the discipline of the class and study. Even after three minutes it the teacher does not arrive the leader should inform the Principal.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave school during the school hours.
  • “Reading maketh a fullman” (Francis Bacon)  The   students cultivate the good habit of reading books. Each student shall maintain a library record in which he/she shall write the summary of notes of the books read. This record will periodically be checked by the teachers concerned. Credit will be given to those who have read and noted down  the contents of  maximum number of books.
  • Waste paper should not be thrown about, but should be deposed only in the waste paper basket.
  • Students should not be absent themselves from the school.Late comers or Absentees must bring a written   application  from the parents/guardians and this must be entered in the Late/Absence Record page of the handbook duly signed by  the parents. In case of illness or emergency, leave shall be   obtained in advance.
  •  Every student must possess a copy of Handbook which must be brought to the class every day.

For Parents

  • Parents should check the diary of their child daily.
  • Leave application should be submitted for the absence of the child from the  school. 
  • No child will be sent home during class hours with out written request from the parents.
  • No outsiders, except guardians, are allowed to enter the school.
  • Parents are welcome to meet teachers on Saturdays   between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. They should not visit their wards or their teachers in the classrooms or during the school hours.
  • Parents and guardians are advised to give their comments and suggestions and complaints, if any, to the principal and not to teachers.
  • Students suffering from infectious diseases (Mumps, measles, chickenpox, conjunctivitis)  should not be sent to school till the danger of infection is over.
  • The school authorities will not be responsible for the safety of  any pupil after the school hours.

An appeal  to parents

  • Your ward is precious to you so also to us because he/ she is our student. The school  provides an environment  for the child to grow intellectually and develop his /her personality  through a disciplined life.
  • It is my humble request to the parents  to cooperate with  the management and school staff  to provide  quality education  for your  ward.
  • Any  interference in school affaires or attempt to pressurize the school management / staff  will be dealt seriously.

Examination and Promotion

  • Absence in an examination will be treated as having received no marks/ No Special examination will be held for any reason what so-ever either before or after the time fixed for the examination.
  • The promotion to the higher classes will be based on aggregate performance of the child in the unit tests, term exams and annual examination.
  • For promotion to 10th and 12th classes the students should secure an annual aggregate of 40% and above compulsorily.
  • A student found having chits or copying or helping others to copy during an examination will subsequently be given zero in that subject. Such a student is liable to be expelled from the examination hall.
  • A student failing twice in the same class will have to  discontinue the studies in the school

Rules in case of Absence

  • As regular attendance is an important element of education no leave will be granted except on a serious reason.
  • Those who remain absent on the previous day must bring a note in the designated leave record page in the school diary signed by parents.
  • Late comers will be strictly punished.
  • A fine of 20 Rs. Per day will be imposed if the student remains absent on the reopening day (after summer, Dushahara, Deepawali, X-mas)


Fees must be paid in advance before the 15th of each month  and thereafter a fine of Rs. 5/ will be charged. Fee will be received between 9.30am and 3.30pm.The fee card should be brought whenever the fee is paid. The Principal/Management has the right to increase the tuition fees, bus fees, term fee etc. and also to introduce any kind of additional fees even during the continuance of the academic year as and when need arises.   


  • The school provides with an optional bus service. The bus fee should be paid along with the tuition fee for ten months. The fee is charged according to the distance. One side fare is not treated.
  • Students misbehaving in the bus and the defaulter of  fee will not be allowed to continue the use of the bus service. The school bus is directly under the control of the Principal. Any suggestion or complaints may be made only to the principal and not to the bus staff.
  • Reasonable care is taken by the school authorities for the safety of the children in the school premises and in the school bus.
  • But the school authorities will not be held responsible for accident and other eventualities which are beyond their control. 
  • Students not in time for the bus will have to make their arrangements on that day to come to school. The same holds good in case of break down.
  • parents will not be allowed to travel by the school bus. It is strictly for the school students in uniforms.
  • The bus service must be hired for full academic year ie June to April, No cancellation will be allowed under any circumstances during  the year.
  • Students will be responsible for any damage window glass panes, seats etc. of the bus and damage will be recovered from the students. 
  • Parents who want to send their children by the school bus should previously apply to the principal. The students will enter the bus in single line. Special consideration should be given to the weaker and small children. The school bus will not wait for the late comers. Those who make use of the school bus are requested to be ready at the bus stop five minutes before the schedule  time.

Children should wear the prescribed uniform on all working days.

  • Boys : Maroon shorts /Tucked Pants, Cream shirt, Maroon tie, Red belt, Black leather shoes and Maroon socks. Colouring of hair is not allowed.
    Girls :
    L.K.G to VIII :-  Maroon tunic ,Cream shirt, Red belt, maroon tie Black leather shoes, Maroon socks and red Ribbon.
    IX to XII :- Maroon salvar, cream Kurta with collared neck, Maroon chunni, Black leather shoes, Maroon socks, Red ribbon. Long hair with ribbons and short hair with hair bands.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays :

White dress and White Canvas shoes, socks, White tie and Red belt. White Ribbons for Girls.

  • Higher classes Girls should avoid Bob cut Hair.

Not Allowed

  1. Boys should not keep their hair long or colour it.
  2. Girls should not have long nails, nailpolish or Mehendi/Wrist Bands.
  3. Supari or other chewable items should not be taken.