Academic Facilities

Chavara School  boast of some of the best academic facilities to give our students the utmost support to learn in the best way possible. We have taken every care that the latest technology is being used to provide student with real life experience. Hence Educomp has been made an integral part of teaching right from Nursery to XII grade here at the school. Some of the facilities, which the school has to make the learning an interesting experience, are mentioned below:

  • School Library: The school has separate well-equipped libraries for the Primary & Senior Sections. The libraries have open book shelves for easy access.
  • Science Labs: The school has well equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs where regular practicals are conducted for all children .
  • Subject Labs: The fast changing world scenario has brought about new ideas and concepts in the educational field and hence Chavara School has developed subject labs for geography and math. These labs are equipped with various  models  and other other labs aids helping students to make learning an interesting experience.
  • Science Park: Pleasure in job puts perfection in the work. The innovative concept ofteaching Science in a play way manner has given birth to a well equipped Science Park which enables children to mingle with Science. The models are so designed to inculcate scientific temper and rational thinking amongst children by making them explore the ideas of mechanics, sound, light and heat. So, the pleasure thus derived helps in perfect understanding of abstract concepts and Science is now a child's play at Chavara School .
  • Computer Labs: With computer education an essential part of modern day living, it has become the priority of the school to make students and teachers computer savvy. The school has 3 Computer labs for the Primary, Middle & Senior sections  each to equip the staff & students.Special courses on animation, graphic designing etc. apart from regular syllabus are imparted. Teachers are given special training in MS Office to bring in more efficiency.
  • Language Labs: Promoting many national and international languages to our students the school has a unique language lab which is used for training students with correct pronunciations of tougher words. The languages taught through this lab are English and Hindi .